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We are your negotiator trackers from Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Sweden, India, France and Italy (with the countries growing and more trackers to come soon).

The tracker team preparing

We just wanted to introduce ourselves and tell you what this blog is all about…

Basically… the deal of our lifetime.

In December this year in Copenhagen the countries of the world are going to sign a treaty that will change our life as we know it. Their commitments today will affect our quality of life tomorrow. Most people don’t know that countries from all over the world have been debating and negotiating the global response to climate change under the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework for Climate Change Convention) for years – and are still negotiating. There was an international treaty signed in 1997 called the Kyoto Protocol, however in 2012 the first commitment period will end, hence the need for a new treaty to determine the pathway for the next 40 years.

Many international meetings happen every year – the major UNFCCC meetings in 2009 are in Bonn, Bangkok and Copenhagen, along with the G8 meetings and UN General Assembly in New York. At all these meetings really important decisions will be taken.

We think the negotiators and governments of the world need to know who they’re accountable to. They are accountable to us, the people who have to live on this planet. This is the deal that will decide the fate of our planet as we know it. And we’re not exaggerating.

As young people, it is our future that will be affected by this treaty. That’s why we’re here in Bonn and writing this blog, we want you to know what’s going on here and to fully understand what our negotiators are doing in our name.

So let’s work together and make the negotiators realise that they’re not negotiating in a bubble.

The world is watching them.

Please do follow our blogs and send us comments. We’d love to know what you think and especially if you have any questions you would like us to ask our negotiators. We’ll be blogging in all our languages and each in our own way from now on.

So until tomorrow,

Deepa, Reed, Eri, Ole, Annika, Benka, Jonathan, Zoe, Andrea, Cara & Anna,