Have you ever thought about how it actually might look at a conference with almost 200 countries on such a sensitive matter as climate change?
Lucky me, I was already a bit prepared in the field. The problem is that at conferences like these, you’ll always find hundred of acronyms. U.N.F.C.C.C., A.W.G.-K.P., A.W.G.-L.C.A., A.O.S.I.S., L.D.C., R.E.D.D., etc… yesterday night I was even wondering: but if I’m getting thirsty during the conference should I ask for a glass of W.A.T.E.R.?
Anyway, the Bonn conference has just started, and it’s a very important meeting on the road to Copenhagen, especially considering that there are only six months left.
It is actually a kind of strange feeling to walk in a U.N. conference for the first time of your life, it is like your first day at school. We get in, take our badges, wear our shirts; there is a very important message on them, and the speaker for Indonesia just repeats it live while I’m writing this blog: the clock is tick tick ticking! We must not waste our time!
So we walk inside the Maritim, the hotel that hosts the conference, and soon we face a banner that comes out from the second floor: “survival is not negotiable!”. SURVIVAL IT IS NOT NEGOTIABLE

I started feeling good; emotions that come back during the opening sessions talks, when Grenada negotiators, speaking on behalf of A.O.S.I.S.(the Alliance of Small Island States, some of which are going to disappear because of the increasing sea level), say that the text the Convention it is working at it is not just words for them, but life!
It is the end of the first day, and the C.A.N. (climate action network) nominates the “fossil of the day”, in other words, the country that did their best to do their worst.
The third prize was for Iceland, for announcing its 2020 reduction target to be a 15% only (below 1990 levels), which is far below the 25-40% agreed in Bali.
The second place is for Canada, stating that all parties should undertake all actions under the Bali Action Plan.
And the first place.. Australia! They offered a 24% reduction target by 2020 only under the condition that particularly developing countries contribute financially!
But there are two weeks in front of us, so still room for negotiations.
See you tomorrow then, for more news on the negotiations, on the Italian NGO active here in Bonn, new fossils of the day .. hoping to meet the Italian negotiation team very soon!