Meet Jonathan Pershing, the Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change for the United States.

Now, the head of the US climate negotiating team isn’t Pershing but Todd Stern, the Special Envoy on Climate Change (no qualifiying “deputy” in his title). Within the strange reality of these negotiations, however, Todd will, if we’re lucky, drop by for a few days. So my focus right now is Jonathan Pershing, who will be leading the State Department team for most of the negotiations in Bonn.

The question on our minds – was Jonathan Pershing named after the General John Pershing who led the United States to victory in World War I? More importantly, will Deputy Special Envoy Jonathan Pershing lead the world to victory in the war on climate change?

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be reporting from the front lines on the skirmishes and battles that mark the lead-up to this struggle over our future.