戦え!!麻生ロボ      in English is below.


Aso Robot







“Aso: Japan wants a Climate Hero”

“63% of “Japanese voters want strong climate targets.”

These are ads in Today’s Nikkei-Japan’s biggest business newspaper-and Financial Times about Japan’s 2020 emission reduction target.


An ad in Nikkei features Prime Minister Aso as a manga comic character “Aso Robo”, who is fighting the twin monsters of climate change and recession.

“As Mr. Aso is renowned for his love of manga, the ad was designed in manga style to make sure he didn’t miss it.”(from “eco”) the ad also appear in the famous manga comic; Big Comic on 10th June.

It is so cool & cute 🙂


Today in convention venue, Bonn FT are distributed to delegations and Press Release is held (webcast). In press release, NGO from Japan and all over the world called on Prime Minister Aso to decide ambitious 2020 emission reduction target based on the scientific data which needs 25-40% reduction and the big influence on all over the world.   


The new Japanese poll conducted by internationally renowned polling firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner is also appeared. This result is different from government one. 63% of Japanese voters want strong climate targets. I think government one is bit strange, because they concern only reduction cost from now. And they don’t mention about good financial effect and the damage of climate change. I also don’t think the new one is perfect. But the government one even said 7% reduction and the new one said 25% or more reduction. Moreover some scientists said more 40% is needed and Japan’s target has big influence on the world. So I think the strong target is best for our planet AND Japanese economic and society. What do you think???

 I also believe Japan’s industry has the capability and is able to get benefit by green activity.

 I hope the situation in which Japan be a climate leader☆