…we can still talk to the Youth from the most affected and vulnerable countries of the world, for e.g.: Liberia.

Well, I did meet my leading negotiator from Germany, Nicole Wilke this morning, but honestly: Although she was really nice, there was not even enough time for a single question. I know that this is hardly her fault and that she is working hard in her job already. But: It is still frustrating for young people like us to realize how difficult it can be to get through to those that take decisions, let alone understand what’s really going on.

Thus, I just talked to Shadrach P. Kerwillain from Liberia, a young man from Liberia in the huge lobby of the Maritim Hotel. He is representing the Youth Network on Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability in Monrovia, Liberia. And he obviously must know what he is talking about when talking about Climate Change: It is simply something that he is already affected by in his home country, not just figures and speculations.

But listen to him, not to me:

[qik url=”http://www.qik.com/video/1794422″%5D