So after my first meeting with Jan on Monday and my thoughts of an impossible mission, it turns out…… it’s really not that hard after all!

She’s everywhere…literally! I’m beginning to think maybe she’s the one tracking me!

Yesterday I bumped into her coming out of the final negotiations of the day. Well in fact she bumped into me as I was barefoot and about to stand on a table and announce fossil of the day. I had a quick chat about how she thought the negotiations are going and she said, that now they have finally all finished saying that they want to try and work hard, that they should be getting down to the nitty gritty of the text and it’s many brackets today (about time I’d say).

She also wanted to know who had ‘won’ fossil of the day. I had to tell her that I may be her personal tracker, but that is inside information and she’d just have to wait like everyone else! Maybe that’s why she’s been following me round…she’s trying to get the inside scoop!

So then today, as me and Andrea were walking to Plenary, I bumped into her again. This time she was stood watching the negotiations on one of the TV screens that are set up all over the place. I was really pleased to see this because at the time the Philippines were speaking and they are one of the countries who are very vocal about the need for a good, fair and strong agreement. They were followed by my favourite speaker- The Alliance of Small Island States, who were speaking on the importance of adaptation funding to allow them to just continue surviving! I was really, really happy to see that Jan had stopped to listen to this.

Maybe some people are listening to their pleas and maybe Jan is one of them.

Now I just hope she takes their message and thinks about it as she negotiates with the EU on our collective position, especially on finance.

I’ll see Jan again later as I’m off for a meeting with her along with several NGOs, but as it is, who knows, I’ll probably bump into her at the coffee stand well before then!

But as much as she tries, she’ll never get out of me inside information on the fossil of the day!