So as I mentioned earlier, at yesterday’s meeting with Jan I was given the time to ask a question. Since the previous 40 minutes had been filled with very intense policy discussion I really didn’t think it was needed, or my place to continue this discussion.

So instead I asked Jan…

How old will you be in 2050?

Jan tactfully declined to answer my question, but I think “pretty old, if I’m even still around” is a good translation of what she said.

I then told her that I would be 64 in the year 2050, and that the text she is working on right now will have shaped my whole life.

Every single line of text in the draft she has in front of her, is not JUST a line of text…but a moment in my life that will be effected by the choices she makes.

Every compromise I see her make is a part of my future, of my life, compromised.

So I asked Jan whether in future during negotiations she could take a minute to think about me, and the rest of my generation. And remember that it is our future that the text is really about.

I asked this question because as well as being here as part of the Adopt a Negotiator project I am also here as part of the international youth climate movement. We come from all over the world to these meetings to remind the negotiators what’s at stake…

…our future!

So I hope Jan thinks about this as she negotiates the details of the text.

How old will you be in 2050 is a project that started at the March UNFCCC meeting in Bonn and that we are carrying though to this meeting. If you haven’t already, check out the 2050 youth intervention above to hear our message. It’s given by the lovely Kirsty from our very own UK.