Hi there,

Yesterday morning I had coffee with 3 members of the Australian government delegation to chat about the Adopt-A-Negotiator project. They were so interested in hearing about the project that my coffee went untouched! Then it was my turn, I asked the delegates if they felt Australia’s vision and current commitments would secure a safe climate future?

Cara chatting with Howard Bamsey member of Bonn delegation, Special Envoy for Climate Change.

Cara chatting with Howard Bamsey member of Bonn delegation, Special Envoy for Climate Change.

Walking out of our meeting, I felt pleased to be able to put faces to names, and get myself and the AAN project out there. But I felt perplexed by the party line answers that were delivered to my questions. I understand that these people are here to do their jobs, and have come with prepared policies, but I was hoping for more passion. They are on the frontline of negotiations, the future of our planet, indeed our futures, weigh heavy on their shoulders. Is expecting passion from policy people an unrealistic ask?

Later that evening, the Australian government delegation hosted a reception for all other Aussies attending the Bonn 2 meetings. It was a beautiful evening, and a friendly environment to meet and chat with the other members of the negotiating team I was yet to meet. It was here I got to meet Australia’s Ambassador for Climate Change, Louise Hand.

One month ago, I didn’t even know we had an Ambassador for Climate Change! I thought all Ambassadors were diplomats posted to fabulous foreign locations. But there I was, in the early evening sun, chatting with one of the most integral people to Australia’s role in the international climate negotiations, Louise Hand. Being a social event, it wasn’t the time for me to ask any hard hitting questions. But what I did share with Louise, is the fact that you guys are deeply concerned about the future of our planet, and back in Australia you are monitoring the negotiations, watching to make sure that our government take strong action.

I am working hard to organise a time to speak with Louise again soon, and other people on the Australian team, HAVE ANY QUESTIONS YOU’D LIKE ME TO ASK?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!