Open letter to lead negotiator for Canada, Mr. Michael Martin; copy sent to Environment Minister Jim Prentice.

H.E. Mr Michael Martin
Ambassador for Climate Change and Chief Negotiator
Environment Canada

Re: UNFCCC intersessional negotiations in Bonn, Germany June 1-12, 2009

June 2, 2009

Dear H.E. Mr Michael Martin,

I am writing to introduce myself, as well as a project with which I am involved here at the Bonn negotiations. I am, like the majority of Canadians, personally aware of the seriousness of climate change and am very concerned about the current state of the international climate negotiations in terms of reaching international emission reduction targets. Above all, I am concerned with what the decisions at these negotiations will mean for Canadians.

I hope to be attending a number of UNFCCC negotiations leading up to Copenhagen to track the positions, actions and progress of the Canadian Delegation throughout and bring information of relevance to the Canadian public via traditional media as well as online social media. I will also be regularly communicating with the civil society network in Canada to provide current information on the negotiations that allows the Canadian public to follow developments. This will, I hope, make the international negotiations more accessible for the general public and support your efforts to secure a global deal that is both fair and safe to all parties involved.

I will be here for the two weeks of the Bonn meetings and would very much like to arrange a meeting with you and members of the Canadian Delegation to introduce myself. My objective is to establish a positive relationship with you and the delegation that will enable me to communicate the important work being done around the negotiating tables to interested groups and individuals unable to see this important work for themselves.

I am accredited for the duration of the Bonn intersessional and my attendance is facilitated by the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GGCA). I am not representing or speaking for any organization in particular, as I am attending as an independent individual and will be acting as such in any dealings with you.

Please let me know of a time convenient to you and the team for a short meeting during the first few days of the Bonn intercessional. I look forward to hearing from you.

Most sincerely,

Zoë Caron