…”and not the environmental stuff!”

[qik url=”http://www.qik.com/video/1813308″%5D

Just to get one thing straight: That’s not what I was thinking while doing this live-video with Hannah from the Youth Group of “Friends of the Earth”. She is explaining the “The flood is coming” campaign to me, while I stream this short interview live on www.qik.com/socialblogger

The funny thing is: Just next to those live-videos, people can chat with me (while I am taking the video)… so guess what happened, when I shot the movie? I was watching the display of my mobile..the number of viewers was rising from 0 to 3 within several seconds… and then, the first Chat came in, saying “That chick is hot. Show me the girl, not the environmental stuff..”

Well,… I am speechless. Guys out there: Behave! But on the other hand: As long, as it helps the campaign to be that successful, I guess, we need more outgoing and charismatic girls like Hannah 🙂 Joke aside: That “environmental stuff” is quite serious – and unless we take care of it, we won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of each other much longer… mmm.