Sometimes the UNFCCC makes it pretty hard to believe...

Sometimes the UNFCCC makes it pretty hard to believe...

Now I’m generally a pretty optimistic person, my glass is always half full (unless as Cara pointed out it’s a pint of beer!), but one thing I’ve learnt this week is that the UNFCCC does not inspire optimism!

We know that we need drastic action on climate change, I don’t think anyone here is in any doubt. The activists and the negotiators, we all know our world is in critical danger and that we HAVE to get a deal out of these negotiations. Peoples’ mere survival depends on our ability to agree to a deal that will keep runaway climate change under control.

But we’re just not getting there!

These negotiations are painfully slow. Countries are stalling, arguing and even bringing up completely irrelevant issues such as the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands/Malvinas. For that UK and Argintina, I was forced to accept Fossil of the Day on our behalf on Thursday.

This is not the time or place for solving sovereignty disputes, this is the time to solve the question of whether I have a future on this planet or not!

UNFCCC working groups are also now telling us that they will be reporting back in Copenhagen not just what they have agreed, but also what they have not quite managed to finish…..

Now hang on a second here, I’m also currently trying to write an essay for my Masters, I’m not sure I would be getting a very good mark if on Friday I handed in a half finished one with a note informing my tutor what I hadn’t quite managed to write in time!

We have only 6 months left to get this right, now is the time for us all to be aware of what is going on in these negotiations because it is only then that we can unite and push our leaders to make the deal. We have to understand the process, we have to know what we risk to loose with a half cooked deal and we have to make our voices heard. On a day when over 20 of our brothers and sisters were shot in the Amazon for trying to defend our planet and stop the pillaging of natural resources, we have to stand together as one world and not many countries. Only then can we hope that our governments and our negotiators may do the same.

But as depressing as these talks currently stand today is also a day for optimists! Because today in Bonn, the Global Call for Climate Action along with the international youth and many other partners are uniting to tell our negotiators YES WE CAN! (see what we did there, thanks Obama..)

In half an hour I will be heading down to the park by the conference centre where we will spell out our message for a giant aerial photo, before heading over to the conference to come together and tell our negotiators; that we are watching, that we are fighting, but also that we believe they can do it!

Because today we have to have hope and we have to have faith, without it the fight is too hard.

Today we have to say YES WE CAN!