What an incredible day Saturday 6 June was. More than 500 people gathered along the river Rheine in Bonn, Germany to show their commitment to climate justice by taking part in the largest human exclamation mark, ever. The crowd braved the cold and rain to join together in one massive human sign to make a strong statement to the leaders of the world, YES YOU CAN find an answer to climate change. See photo here.

It was an amazing experience to be a part of; from standing in the near empty field at 8am with nothing more than tape measures and red flags, to four hours later being surrounded by hundreds of people in white boiler suites and green hard hats ready to spell out our vision for the world. If you squint hard enough you can spot me in the ‘k’ of the middle tcktcktck! The tck tck tck signifiies that time is running out urges camp everyone to join the movement to prevent catastrophic impacts from global warming.

That afternoon, we left the river Rheine to march en masse to the Maritim where the UN climate talks are being held to ensure that the negotiators inside are well aware of civil societies’ demand for a safe and just climate treaty in Copenhagen. As corny as this sounds, even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits!! We heard from a number of inspiring speakers, check out the short clip from the head of the International Trade Movement from Sierra Leone.

To conclude the day we presented Richard Kinley, the number two guy at the UNFCCC secretariat with a real grandfather clock, to signify to the secretariat and all of the nations involved in the negotiations that the clock is ticking, time is running out to ensure a safe future for our planet and our peoples. Richard’s repsonse? For civil society (that’s you, me and all of our friends) to keep up the pressure on our governments to ensure that they are well aware of our demands for them to play their role in securing the future of our planet for ourselves and for generations to come. To do this you don’t need to take part in a massive human sign, or rally outside the UN negotiations, you can simply send a letter to your local MP, Minister Wong, or our Prime Minister; you can write to newspapers, phone talk back radio, or even design a t-shirt slogan calling for Australia to take strong action on climate change now and ensure climate justice for all.

2009 needs to be remembered as the year the world found an answer to climate change, the year it found the political will to meet the challenge and found hope and opportunity in doing so.

An answer to climate change is vital, and together it is possible.