logo_A1Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
today we are going to present you the winners of the fossil of the day for Friday and Monday!
we have to say that if on Friday we had many countries trying to do their best to be the worst, today everything was quite smooth.

so here we go with the fossil of the Friday:
(from the CAN international press release)
as i said there was a pretty huge competition, so an honorable mention must be given to Canada with support from Japan, that did its best, but just missed out on receiving any awards for the day. Canada insisted that the option of x% below 1990 by 2020 should be considered as an option for an aggregate target for developed countries.

The third prize goes to Russia and Japan; Russia stated that it didn’t like discussion of “radical” ideas like penalties for non-compliance. Japan said that before proceeding to the discussion of compliance, they should wait until they get an outcome in the LCA on an agreed instrument.

The second place is for Saudi Arabia, for making clear their opposition to an expanded and more substantive High Level at Copenhagen.

The first prize goes to … Switzerland! for suggesting that Micronesia needs to be realistic for proposing an aggregate target for developed countries of at least 45% below 1990 levels by 2020.

now here we go with the today’s fossil of the day.
the third place is for Canada, for a speech from the Environment Minister in which he said that Canada’s goal in these negotiations is to “move past Kyoto”.

and now a big surprise: it was decided not to award the second and the first prizes, so for today only Canada was been awarded.

stay tuned for the tomorrow’s results.