Dr Prodipto Ghosh Interview in the lobby

Dr Prodipto Ghosh Interview in the lobby

The aim of  interviewing our lead negotiators is that we get to know our negotiators better, understand the cultural, religious, academic and regional diversity within our delegation.  I also believe that building a personal relationship with each negotiator interview aids in our tracking process as well as gives us an idea on the principles and working philosophies of our delegation. Sometimes this gives us hints to our possible political strategy.

Academic Profile

PHD in Economics specialising in Climate Change Modelling from Pittsburgh University USA, Btech – Bachelors of Technology in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi and a grilling school life in DPS Mathura Road, Delhi. He has been lauded with Alumni Achievement Awards from both IIT Delhi and Pitts burg University.

Countries visited / Country liked

He is very fond of Vietnam and likes the spirit of the people.Even after all that has taken place , the disturbed history hasn’t affected their spirit.

Wherein are you from in India/Ancestral legacy

Born in Calcutta and have lived in Delhi from 50 years.

Family Background

Father was a scientist and he’s married with two boys . His wife is a retired government servant and is the Delhi government Chair of the Public Grievances Committee. His elder son is 33 years old based in Singapore and is in the financial sector whereas the younger son is a freshman in the same university of Pittsburgh where he studied.


Reading and watching movies with a historical setting. Favourite movie is Indosheen a french movie which he believes is based on the life of former vietnamese prime minister.

He was a fast bowler when in college and represented the Moss0uiri Academy. He is more of a test cricket person and does not enjoy the T20 form of cricket at all.


Ghosh Sir blatantly admits that he has no positive traits. He finds it very difficult to accept what people are at face value. Disapproves of hypocrisy and feels he is absolutely homourless( which I beieve is the darkest form of Humor I have witnessed  latest)

Experience in this field/passion/special story

Academically been involved for a long time. He has been an observer for the Asian Development Bank for 7 years and with TERI as 4 years. And since 2001 hes been a part of the government delegation till date. He is passionate about JUSTICE and highly dislikes any form of injustice.