I think you’ll agree with me when I say that Australia needs to do two things at the current UN climate talks in Bonn,

1. strengthen our greenhouse gas pollution reduction target and

2. commit our fair share to a help developing countries reduce their own emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change

We are yet to see the Australian government make any such progressive steps. Get involved today,  send a letter to Senator Penny Wong, calling for Australia to commit to do their fair share and be a global leader during the UN talks in Bonn.

We need to change more than lightbulbs

We need to change more than lightbulbs

While you do that, I’d like to share a story with you. Yesterday, Yvo de Boer, the head of the UNFCCC secretariat ( the top guy around here who coordinates all of the negotiations) held a briefing for NGOs. He gave his reflections on how he thought the talks were going so far, and then threw it to the audience to ask questions of him. In our red t-shirts, it didn’t take long for Yvo to see the many waving hands of the negotiator trackers. Anna, our UK tracker got to ask a question on our behalf…

“What’s the one thing that we should ask people in our home countries to do to push these negotiations along to ensure a safe and just climate deal in Copenhagen?”

Yvo’s answer? Make lots of noise, well, I paraphrase. Basically Yvo said that civil society can, and should, play an essential role in these negotiations by lobbying their governments to take strong action.

The only way we are going to get a deal in Copenhagen that is fair and just is if there is so much pressure in every country that governments realise that they simply have no other choice than to come to the table with better offers. It is our responsibility as citizens to let our decisions makers know what decisions we want them to make on our behalf.

So I hope that you have stopped reading my blog, and you’re on the phone/ drafting a letter/ inviting key Ministers over for cup of tea to talk about the role you want to see Australia play in securing a safe and just climate future for us all. It may just be the most important cup of tea you ever have.

The world needs to change, and you can help.

Take action now, send a letter to Senator Wong

– Cara