While following our blog during the last two weeks, you might have got used to “Wake-Up Calls”, BUT, once again, I’ve got the feeling that one thing has not yet become clear enough to many of us: Climate Change is not about them (the so-called “third world”), it’s about US (not the United States, but US, the human race) and our existence.

Have you guys out there realized that nature doesn’t really care about us? It will survive us, one way or the other. To save the planet and “do good” to our environment therefore means nothing but nurturing our own livelihoods, the basis that we depend on.

In case we kill ourselves, in case we let this known, but somehow ignored way of slowly happening homicide happen… Nature will still be there, our planet will still be there, BUT we WON’T. If we democratically decide that we do not want to survive (like those dinosaurs back then didn’t really do anything to prevent the next ice age from coming), it’s fine to me.

But the thing that matters here is that we do NOT democratically decide this. It’s a bunch of politicians that decides whether we are going to exist 200 years from now or not. It is some guys sitting at a green table in Japan and elsewhere that set targets that will contribute to killing thousands and thousands of people in Tuvalu, the Solomon Islands, Darfur and – last, but not least: Australia.

Look at this video and tell me your thoughts on this. It is here, it is happening. Right now. And we decide to contribute to and at the very least accept these killings and this destruction of livelihoods, if we do not ACT now. I can only ask you, back home in Germany, to write letters to our politicians the most responsible.

Please do write a message to Sigmar Gabriel (Umweltminister) here and a letter to Wirtschaftsminister Guttenberg here. These contact forms are made for us to intervene, ask questions and tell them what we think!

Tell them that you care about Climate Change and let them know what you want them to do. Tell them that we do need this deal in Copenhagen and that 30% of emission cuts by the EU are not good enough for us to survive. You know it’s true. And all of us know: It is often easier to turn a blind eye on it, an eye of denial than taking action.

Please share your ideas and what you have sent to the ministries here on the blog or via email to
mail (at) socialblogger.de. Thank you all!