Looking out over plenary.

Looking out over plenary.

I’m currently sat at the back of the closing plenary of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments to Annex I Parties under the Koyoto Protocol.

What a mouthful…

Basically they are all discussing emission cuts by developed countries!

We have now had several developing countries calling for developed countries to commit to cuts of a minimum of 40% on 1990 levels…I wonder if Pete’s listening?

Over and over again we hear it ….AT LEAST 40%!

They obviously don’t think it’s a laughable idea!

But these discussions will be going on for a while, so as they do I thought I’d take the time to tell you about a meeting I had yesterday with Jan and Harry (another member of our negotiating team). I set up the meeting so that the rest of the UK youth here could get a chance to meet, and get to know, some of our negotiators as I have been able to do.

This way we are also putting many more faces in Jan’s head for her to think about while she is in negotiations.

More futures for her to remember when making those compromises!

We chose to not talk policy, we’d done that enough with Pete, but instead we tried to get a view of where the UK team think these negotiations are up to, and their thoughts on the coming months.

The answer: we’re moving so slowly that in 2050….we’ll probably all still be sat in this room!

(I’m sure Jan and Harry will excuse me for my slight paraphrasing…)

And the best thing about the talks….”well no one walked out and refused to talk, which is a start”….

But with the urgency of the situation increasing every day, with whole islands contemplating moving, with bush fires in the USA and Australia growing in intensity every year, I think we all agreed, the youth and the negotiators that we need a little more pace.

So we asked Jan and Harry what we could do to speed these talks up and we got a very familiar answer…

We need the people to provide the political will!

We need every country in the world to call out for their politicians, for their leaders to stand up and take action. We need them to know it’s ok for them to stand up and lead. Without the political will no country will move forward in these talks.

This same answer keeps coming up over and over again. The more it does the more it makes me think.

These may be the most important 6 months of my life.

I am committed to doing everything in my power to push this process forward. We don’t have time to rewrite the system, we need to work within it.

But it definately needs a kick start!

I plan to spend the next six months of my life being that kick start, in as many creative and powerful ways as I can.

Will you join me?