European Flag. And now, what about UE and Climate ?

And now, what about UE and Climate ?

Even if we still can’t feel the effect of the results of the European elections from last week-end in the UNFCCC talks and the EU’s position here, we can see the effect in France already. The recent results of the election is really incredible: for the first time in French political history, the Green Party was the third ranked party and only trailing 0.4 points behind second place. A great green moment in the French History!

After this green political quake, three of the main political organisations have decided to progressively change their own ideology to become more environmentally respectful and green.
Before this set of elections, the Parti Socialiste (social-democrat party, close to the SPD in Germany) had no real environmental program and didn’t really care about environment. It was not enough to convince the citizens who have voted on the last Sunday that their program had ensured a new political view. Even if they think they have always included ecological ideas in their own party’s agenda, they are going to have to become more modern and thus greener.

It’s truly the same thing that happens for the MODEM (moderate party, between the socialists and the conservatives). This party was born by a meeting between an old moderate party and a very small ecological party. Although it was a green wedding of the two, the moderate ideas ended up being more important than the ecological ones. Recently, in the french newspaper le Monde, the vice-president of this party, Corinne Lepage, explained that her party will have to have its own « green revolution » to survive. But it’s also very important to underline they have lost a lot of voices because of the green alliance « Europe Ecologie ».

The french president, Nicolas Sarkozy, was strengthened by these elections; his conservative party won the elections, as it is always the winning party in France. But, he has probably understood that the french people ask for a more stringent implementation of an environmental agenda in France –  and not only in speeches.  He announced yesterday that he’s going to quickly organise a big meeting on renewable energy in France focused on how to increase the use of renewables. At the same time, he added that he would like to locally, if not globally, implement a tax on carbon emissions (or more precisely, greenhouse gases).

In conclusion, all these announcements are very encouraging and show that France is enhancing its own green evolution. But, we also principally have to be careful with these news speeches – Ecology and climate change is not a new fashion style, but it’s a real need for the Planet and Humanity. I very much hope that French NGOs and citizens will be careful about this new risk.