Have you heard the news? Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has just launched his blogging career, and like the Adopt-A-Negotiator trackers, he’s writing on climate change.


He’s asking for Australians to share their ideas with him, he wants to know: “how do you think we can make Australians more aware that we need to act on climate change now?”

This is a really exciting opportunity for you to share the concerns and ideas that you have shared with me through the Adopt-A-Negotiator blog.

Kev’s only taking comments on his climate change blog for a short time, the deadline is 5pm (AEST) on July 22. So, we’ve got to get our skates on!

How to make your voice heard:

  • Go and read the PM’s blog on his website
  • Post a comment on his blog
  • When you post your comment, let Kev know that you are tracking the Australian government through the International climate change negotiations via the Adopt-A-Negotiator project. Who knows, he might take the time to check out some of our blogs!
  • Copy and paste the ideas and concerns you share with Kev as a comment on this blog post. That way we can continue to inspire and motivate each other.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to speak, and more importantly, be heard. I am looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say!

Together, change is possible.


PS. I also blog on another website called A Climate for Change – it’s an on-line community of people from all around the world who care about climate change. You can check out the comments that members of A Climate for Change have sent to Kevin Rudd here. They’re well worth the read!