Negotiators are returning next week to where I last tracked them – Bonn, Germany.

They’ll be working to “digest” the “indigestible” – massage a 200-page negotiating text, dense with contradictory and extraneous clauses, into a working document from which the rest of the negotiations may proceed.

In June, the document began with 50 pages. Country negotiating delegations peppered it with additions, leaving it the bloated and unmanageable 200 pages it is now. This effort to cut it down to size may sound like an administrative task, but this summarizing process will shape the final agreement and humanity’s response to climate change.

Like carving a block of stone, and with as much painful grunt work, negotiators will shave the text down until it the general shape of the final agreement emerges.

And that’s why we need to watch it closely.

What can I communicate to our American negotiators on your behalf?

What needs to stay in the text? Please give me feedback or questions as comments on this blog.