The coming week the third Bonn meeting is taking place here in Germany and negotiators from all over the world will once again discuss the current most important question in the world. How do we solve the climate crisis?

The third meeting in Bonn will take place during 5 days. Needless to say this is a short-time frame compared to the last meeting in Bonn which continued for two whole weeks. However the threads that are left behind after this meeting will be picked up in the meeting of Bangkok in late September. Essentially both of these meetings will be seen as one. In other words they are equally important even though this meeting is informal and one in Bangkok is more formal.

Things that will be really interesting to follow during this coming week is:

  • Will the 2 degree discussed in G8 be mentioned more and with substance that was lacking during G8?
  • How EU will act in this intersessional? Especially since the change of leadership, the G8 meeting discussing the 2 degree limit and the environment minister meeting in Åre.
  • Will there be more of a buzz around 350 ppm, after all it’s in the negotiating text!
  • What kind of activities are the youth up to during this meeting?
  • Will there be more announcements of individual targets?

These are the things I will monitor among other things. This week some things will be sorted out and some things will continue to stay in the now 199 pages of negotiating text. Hopefully by the end this week that awfully long text will be shorter. All in all it will be an interesting week. If you do have any questions or comments you are more than welcome get into the conversation.