It would appear New Zealand don't even care about saving their own spectacular landscape for future generations to enjoy!

Day two at Bonn III and negotiations are in full swing. I can picture perfectly in my head what it’s like as people run between rooms, follow the negotiations, have meetings by the fountains and try and find time in-between all that’s going on to grab some food. If any one is reading this in Bonn a rather good discovery we made last time was the 60-cent ice cream in the Ministry of Environment café!

But anyway, alas I am not there, I am here in the UK writing my dissertation and trying to follow what is going on from afar.

Yesterday the main news came from New Zealand who announced their emission reduction targets.

Don’t get too excited!

What! I hear you say. Why not? New Zealand, the world leader in hydro electricity, the country renowned for it’s love of the outdoors, the land of Lord of the Rings, surly they want to save that for future generations? Surly they want to lead the way into a clean, just future!

Well if they do they’re not getting off to a very good start as yesterday they announced a target of 10-20% below 1990 levels with the usual huge amounts of conditions attatched to the higher target.

And even better, they had the cheek to stand up and challenge Pacific islands to do more to reduce their emissions and accept targets……….

I don’t even think that needs commenting on! Except to say- as pointed out in Eco, the NGO newsletter- New Zealand’s and other developed country proposed targets are likely to result in VERY binding commitments for many island states- unless we are all unaware of fiendish plans to generate massive emissions from BENEATH the sea!

So yes, New Zealand took all the limelight and all was quiet from the UK/EU front, but fear not I have my ear to the ground and I’ll track them down over the next few days to hear what they’ve been up to.

Because the more and more developed countries that announce pitiful targets, the more it is looking like we will HAVE to be the ones that lead the way.

But you know, if you think about it, 200 years ago we started the industrial revolution, we led the way in to this mess. So maybe it’s only fitting for us to be the ones that lead the way out!