Yesterday I had a meeting with the Swedish delegation, the room was huge and when I sat down in one of the chairs I was wondering whether it would all fill up. A couple of minutes went past and NGOs and representatives from the several different countries poured into the big room. The heads of delegation from the European countries were also invited for this meeting. So when the meeting began most of the seats were taken.

It all began with a presentation of Climate treaty 1.0, which Anders Turesson commented as a constructive and interesting proposal. In my opinion, what would be really interesting is if the European Union actually took the action proposed in this progressive proposal. Among the more interesting points in the proposal and what will be critical in Copenhagen later this year is financing, the proposal solves this through auctioning 10 % of industrialized countries emission allocation.

Another question that arose during the discussion was regarding deforestation and keeping the natural forests. This is one of the most important issues in the developing countries as huge areas of forests are cut down. This could potentially both save biodiversity that could come in handy for medicine research and at the same time these vast forests work as carbon sink and would reduce emissions tremendously if logging stopped. Currently forest destruction is responsible for close to 20 % of emissions. To this Anders Turesson basically answered that they currently do not have clear answer yet. I know deforestation is not of immediate concern for EU personally, however it is of concern to future generations to keep the green lungs of the Earth.

As Sweden now has the presidency the rhetoric from Reinfeldt has been to take climate change seriously and to bridge the gap between science and politics. So far, a month after the takeover nothing groundbreaking has happened. The position is the same, although the rhetoric has shifted from 20 % to 30 %. The same strings are attached as before and the same conclusions are taken. As mentioned earlier by Anna, with the current position that EU has, there is only 50 % of not exceeding 2 degrees. An awful probability for playing with billions of peoples’ lives. So I would suggest that Sweden take a peek at Norway and follow some of their neighbours suggestions in the coming climate talks, because Sweden really has to pick up some pace in leading the EU.

On a positive side-note, EU is committed to reducing the text from 200 pages to 30 pages until Bangkok is finished although Anders Turesson was doubtful if that would happened. But the good news is that from today the G77 + china also committed to giving the chair mandate to help them reduce in the coming weeks when no negotiations are taking place.