This is definitely me this week, I wonder how many of the negotiators feel the same?

This is definitely me this week, I wonder how many of the negotiators feel the same?

So Bonn III is over, the end of another set of negotiations and the time has come to look at exactly what has been achieved over the last week. Have we had any progress on getting the unwieldy 192 page negotiating text, down to something we can start to work with? Have we seen ambition on targets and finance? And of course the big question…have I written any of my dissertation?


It would seem the negotiating text and my dissertation are having the same problem as each other.

They both seem to have stalled!

My dissertation has increased by approximately 500 words in the last week. The negotiating text has decreased at about the same rate.

I have two weeks to finish my dissertation They have four months to finish the text.

Perhaps if they had the sense of a deadline in quite the same way that I did they would get moving a bit. They can still come up with a text that starts to get us out of this mess. But it would seem clear that both me, and those working on the negotiating text, need a change of gear!

Because this process may be getting us there, but if we keep going at this pace we have absolutely no chance of it being by Copenhagen.

But that just isn’t an option. I can’t not hand something in on Septemder the 2nd. And in the same way, not having got to a workable agreement by Copenhagen should be unacceptable, unthinkable even.

But this last week in Bonn gave us little to be hopeful about. The text is still massive and no one stepped forward to lead on targets and finance. We basically just saw a continuation of the painfully slow progress we have seen thus far.

So we are now all waiting with baited breath to see whether this change of pace, that we so desperately need to happen, will start at the next negotiations, 28th Sep- 9th Oct in Bangkok. Here we simply must get down to mapping out how an agreement will work in practice, and move away from the broad rhetoric we have seen so far.

On the targets side things have actually got worse since the last round of negotiations. With countries like New Zealand coming out with such appalling targets and with more careful analysis of developed country targets we can now see that collectively we have only committed to somewhere between 10% and 21% cuts (depending on whose analysis you take). So at the very best we have 21% emissions reductions….

I’m actually struggling to think of any words to describe how ridiculous, scary and heartbreaking that is.

The only flip side might be that I might as well not bother writing my dissertation because I really don’t see a Masters being necessary in the kind of world that will leave us with.

With targets like that it’s time for the developed countries to honestly declare what kind of temperature rise they are looking at.

Do they want 4…5…6 degrees?

No, of course they don’t, in fact they said it at the G8. Here they committed to staying below 2 degrees! It’s time for governments all over the world to start thinking seriously about what it’s going to take to achieve this.

Even before Bangkok, before we tackle the text again, world leaders will be meeting. We need to see some real ambition here on targets and on finance. Because it is only ambition that will make this happen.

I have to believe I can finish my dissertation in the next two weeks, and then take the steps to make that happen. They have to believe in an agreement that can safeguard the survival of all nations and peoples being reached in Copenhagen, and start right now with those steps we need to make it a reality.

It’s time to change the gear, it’s time to up the pace.

Right here. Right now!

Since my dissertation is also in dire need of an upping of pace I will be taking a couple of weeks off to make sure this happens. But fear not the blogging will continue. Each week I will introduce you to a guest blogger who will keep you up to date with the world of climate negotiations…and anything else that takes their fancy!