Live-Green-for-the-FutureFrom now on there is less than 100 days left to Copenhagen where one of the most important meetings in the world will take place (check out the cool countdown or get your own on your blog). It’s amazing how time flies and three negotiation sessions this year has already passed. So far they have produced a massive bundle of 200 pages of text and started to discuss how to reduce this. The executive of the UNFCC secretariat even showed his dismay in how slow it has gone so far.

But what is important now, is what’s ahead of us. Take a glimpse into the future will show us that there will be three important meetings in just about a month, a G20 meeting, major economic forum and UN general assembly. As we all know by now, sadly the delegates can’t voice their own opinions in the negotiations but these high-profile meetings have the possibility of remedying some tensions in the climate talks as state officials from these countries will discuss climate and hopefully also put money on the table. The sum that’s expected to be needed is about 160 billion dollars. You may think ‘whoah, that’s a lot of money, I don’t want my government to be a part of that spending’. But If I shall put a bit into perspective as well. Currently states around the world spend 1100 billion dollar in military expenditures comparing that to what is needed to help everybody reach good deal in Copenhagen it’s still not a lot of money. Besides, the 160 billion dollar is well spent as it will insure security as mentioned earlier.

In fact, at this very moment Andreas Carlgren is in the US trying to convince the americans to put money on the table and he says that have not closed the door on that opportunity yet. So I do hope that they will re-route some of their military expenditures to fighting climate change instead.