My generation has one mission! (Picyure with apologies to UNFCCC and thanks to Lewis from our youth delegation)

My generation has one mission! See what we did there... (Picture with apologies to UNFCCC and thanks to Lewis from our youth delegation)

So yet again it’s been a while, sorry for the lack of posts! Though I promised blogs from those in the know while I worked on my dissertation, exciting things have been happening here in the UK that have kept all my climate friends busy. From sunny days spent at climate camp, to launching the 1010 campaign with a huge bang, the climate movement in the UK has really been going full steam ahead.

But now my dissertation is in (I can hardly believe it!) and it’s back to the climate grindstone full-time for me. So let’s get down to business. What’s been going on with me and the negotiators?

Well this last weekend we had the second training weekend for our UK youth delegation. This is a team of 24 inspiring young people brought together by the UKYCC to go to Copenhagen. We planned, we strategised, we ate a bit of curry and we wrote ‘to do’ lists pages long.

But why do you need to know this?

Because before, during and beyond Copenhagen, we as young people have one mission.

A mission so eloquently put by my great friend and fellow youth delegation coordinator Kirsty….

A mission to UNF*C* the world!

(see what we did there…)

UNF*C* verb: to correct a F***ed situation; to undo a ‘botch up’ or ‘bungle’; to reverse acts of stupidity or carelessness; to tidy a mess made by others

We as young people are concerned for our future, and we don’t want to leave it in other peoples hands!

This is why we came together at the weekend, this is why we will travel to Copenhagen, this is why I see so many of my friends working 24/7. Because our planet and our future are too important to us to leave the decisions that will change them to other people!

But what about these other people? After all this blog is called ‘adopt a negotiator’, not ‘what’s going on in Anna’s life!’

Well fear not, I’m getting there!

So after our amazing weekend, on Monday 10 of us went down to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), to get on with our mission of UNF*C*ing the world by meeting with some of our negotiating team (see I made it!).

The youth are here! What a lovely bunch outside DECC!

The youth are here! What a lovely bunch outside DECC!

Unfortunately Jan was unable to be there (I am learning that she’s a pretty hard person to catch), but we did have an hour long meeting with Harry and Dagma, two others from the team.

We talked about lots of things, from policy, to power in the negotiations. If I get a chance I will blog again with a bit more detail on this. But the biggest thing I was reminded of during the meeting is that…

negotiators are human too!

Harry and Dagma really do care about this process, not for their own good, not for the good of our economy, but for the good of our planet and all our futures. If Harry and Dagma were the ones making the decisions I have to say I would be pretty confident.

Unfortunately they are not! They can only work with the mandate they are given, which leads me on to one of the most import things I learnt about in the meeting

SUPER WEEK! Sounds exciting doesn’t it!

Super week is a week towards the end of October when the EU will come together and during lots of important meetings and councils between the ministers decide our position for Copenhagen. Once that position is set there will be very little possibility of change!

That means as an EU citizen if you want to UNF*C* the world we need to have a huge amount of public pressure BY THEN! Because WE HAVE to get a progressive and ambitious mandate for our negotiators to work with in Copenhagen if we are to see any where near the result we would like.

So the question is will you do something?

Will you make your voice heard?

Will you help provide the political will?

Will you join with the youth?

Will you help us UNF*C* the world?