Jai Ram Ramesh , the environmental minister is planning and structuring a new model for the working of the ministry and addressing environmental issues in the country. The revamped ministry will work on three tiers:

  1. National Environment Protection Agency

This is remodelled on the lines of the US protection agency. This is mainly looking into the clearances and grant functions by the ministry.

  1. Green Tribunal Network

This will look into all the legislative work and all cases pertaining to violations in the environmental laws. This will reduce the workload on the overworked judicial system  in India and helps to address local issues better.

  1. Ministry and International Negotiations

The ministry will preside over the functions of the above two structure heads and will take strong and work on building pressure and pushing for equity in the international negotiations.

Reflecting on the new model of working , one must compliment the ministry , but whats more important is to understand why we the common people in India don’t see any coorelation between these actions and other actions the government takes . See for instance the Budget which gave tax holiday to oil producing  companies . We hope to see more tax incentives for renewable energy companies and environmental management companies and a greater budgetary funds allocated towards the environmental ministry!

Jai Ram Ramesh

Jai Ram Ramesh