When I was called for the immigration check, the officer asks me, ma’am are you seriously only 20 years old?  Are you going to attend a UNFCCC conference? They almost refused to check me in, but I had to negotiate me way through promising to let his daughter know how I got till here!

The Bangkok Conference is seemingly going to be the make or the break for the copenhagen deal , but of course people have been saying that for every conference ever since Poznan last year..

At the G 20 meeting in Pittsburgh , India’s lead negotiator reiterated the stand that India will NOT  accept any emission reduction targets in the climate change negotiations heading for a climax in Copenhagen later this year, but expressed the hope that there would be consensus on financing emission control programmes in developing countries aided by technology transfer.

New Delhi also rejected the possibility of phasing out subsidies on energy pricing saying while it was an objective it would not be implemented at the cost of poor people.

India’s position was enunciated on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh by Saran, who attended the just concluded conference in the United Nations and the Major Economies Forum last week in Washington.

Signing off from India and looking forward to some fireworks in Bangkok.