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… or I’ll eat my shorts


Dear climate friends,

My role, as your tracker, is to closely follow the Australian delegation, and report back to you what they are saying, doing and championing on our behalf. At key moments in time, I will also ask that you join together with me to put pressure on those very people making decisions about our futures, about the future of our world.

Very important I hear you say, but what’s  this talk about shorts? You’ll have to read to the end to find out…

Yesterday, here in Australia, the senate voted down the Government’s proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. While some say this is a loss for our climate, I say this is an opportunity for our Government to upgrade Australia’s climate change policy, and commit to an emissions reduction target of 40% below 1990 levels by 2020. Now, more than ever before, is the time to raise our concerns loudly to our political representatives and let our government know we want to see Australia be a global climate leader and take the level of action historical responsibility demands.

So, to that end, I have worked with various NGO friends here in Australia to come up with a call to action (see below). Right now we are distributing this ask widely through our e-networks. Can you help us to get this message out even wider?

How to take action


Klima Kanzler

Klima Kanzler

Berlin n’est pas une ville comme les autres. Elle est à l’heure actuelle l’un des centres névralgiques des questions internationales liées au climat. En effet, l’Allemagne, pays pivot de l’Union Européenne, membre majeur du G8 et FEM (Forum des Economies Majeures – MEF en anglais) va voter dans quelques mois pour élire son nouveau chancelier.
Lorsque l’on connaît les positions de la chancelière actuelle Angela Merkel et du candidat de l’opposition Franck Walter Steinmeier sur le climat, on comprend alors aisément l’importance que revêt de telles élections, tant au niveau national qu’au niveau international. (more…)

Look at the f***ing science we need. 350ppm. Bundestag, Berlin

Bundestag, Berlin

Cet après-midi, se terminait la réunion du European Youth Climate Movement (EYCM). Pour célébrer la bonne tenue des travaux de ce dernier week-end de travail avant la rentrée, une “action” a été menée en lien avec la grande recherche que mène actuellement le Guardian. Cette recherche a pour objectif de récolter un maximum de messages concernant le climat en prévision de la conférence de Copenhague.

Ainsi, aujourd’hui, les membres du EYCM et de l’Avaaz Action Factory se sont rassemblés sur les marches du Bundestag avec le message suivant :

“Look at the f***ing science we need.

350 ppm”

Pour voir toutes les photos :

Have you heard the news? Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has just launched his blogging career, and like the Adopt-A-Negotiator trackers, he’s writing on climate change.


He’s asking for Australians to share their ideas with him, he wants to know: “how do you think we can make Australians more aware that we need to act on climate change now?”

This is a really exciting opportunity for you to share the concerns and ideas that you have shared with me through the Adopt-A-Negotiator blog.

Kev’s only taking comments on his climate change blog for a short time, the deadline is 5pm (AEST) on July 22. So, we’ve got to get our skates on!

How to make your voice heard:

  • Go and read the PM’s blog on his website
  • Post a comment on his blog
  • When you post your comment, let Kev know that you are tracking the Australian government through the International climate change negotiations via the Adopt-A-Negotiator project. Who knows, he might take the time to check out some of our blogs!
  • Copy and paste the ideas and concerns you share with Kev as a comment on this blog post. That way we can continue to inspire and motivate each other.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to speak, and more importantly, be heard. I am looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say!

Together, change is possible.


PS. I also blog on another website called A Climate for Change – it’s an on-line community of people from all around the world who care about climate change. You can check out the comments that members of A Climate for Change have sent to Kevin Rudd here. They’re well worth the read!

tcktcktck-actionTck tck tck. Tiden rusar iväg och i övermorgon tar Sverige över ordförandeskapet. Som jag skrivit tidigare så håller det på att förberedas något spännande inför dagen då Sverige blir ordförande. Nu kan du bli del av detta upptåg! På onsdag morgon 9:30 så samlas alla som vill vara med på detta spännande upptåg för ett aktivt ledarskap och mot neutralitet. Det inkluderar gråa kläder som man får på plats (och får behålla dagen till ära), en stor portion glädje och en chipspåse. Slutdestinationen nås klockan 14:00. Men det kommer att hända mycket annat spännade under dagen.

Så anmäl dig till denna händelse här.
Stay tuned…

Thumbs up or thumbs down for the UK's vision for Copenhagen that Gordon Brown outlined today?

Thumbs up or thumbs down for the UK's vision for Copenhagen that Gordon Brown outlined today?

“There are very few moments in history when nations are summoned to common decisions that will reshape the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet for generations to come. When leaders have to consider not just what will deliver fairness in their generation, but fairness between the generations too.”

These were the opening words of a speech given by our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown today on the UK government’s vision for Copenhagen.

You can read the full text here-

It was a pretty important day and a pretty important speech in outlining where we, the UK, stand in the negotiations. Generally it was actually a  positive step in pushing forward the debate both within the EU and beyond, and the fact that they are using language like the above means maybe some of our calls are not falling on deaf ears.

But what exactly did Gordon Brown say? Obviously you can wade through the speech but if you don’t have the time or the inclination here is a quick summary. (watch out this is where we get a bit technical and lost in numbers!)


Youth, Rap and Plenary

Youth, Rap and Plenary

And here’s the lyrics, courtesy of Caroline Howe:

Survival’s at Stake

Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

The truth of climate change is all too clear;
We feel the climate impacts, they’re already here.
We know these climate changes will impact our health,
Threaten food security, safety and wealth.
Floods mean more drowning, and droughts more starvation
Adaptation and mitigation offer salvation.

All these massive changes making climate refugees;
No government is ready for migrations like these.
Largest emissions come from the wealthy,
But can we afford to keep the world healthy?

Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

And how about your Kyoto deal?
It didn’t solve the problems we hoped it would heal.
Can we do it in Copenhagen?
Only with true global collaboration.
When will you all wake up to the truth
Your choices today are impacting the youth.
You’re still playing games with your children’s earth
Look me in the eyes, say what my future’s worth

Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

It’s not just up to you, it’s also up to me
But I know I can be the change I want to see.

You talk about economy, trying to be thrifty
But how old will you be in the year 2050?

Ole’s (tracker) video : here

German television : here

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