Rumor in the halls is that Canada is waiting in the wings to see what emission reduction targets the United States puts on the table. The following table suggests that perhaps the US is not influencing Canada as rumor suggests – unfortunately. In summary, the United States is far ahead of Canada on targets and policies.

Have a look. The table speaks for itself.

Provided by Matthew Bramley of The Pembina Institute.

Provided by Matthew Bramley of The Pembina Institute.



Merkel cartoon blocking her ears.You take one step forward and one step back, and although you feel that there is a lot of movement you haven’t really gone anywhere.

In the past few days I’ve spoken to many delegates. From Thailand, Swaziland, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Zambia and the list goes on. And as I ask them about how they feel the negotiations are going, they all sigh and shake their head. Frustration is in the air as we hit midway of the second week.

The negotiations aren’t moving forward. People are feeling irritated. And I too am questioning what I am doing here. (more…)

La plénière bat son plein. Dans la plénière tout est permis.
Et quand le délégué du Costa Rica prend la parole c’est pour aller à l’essentiel :

Là, le couperet tombe : “au paragraphe 22 (j)(iii), nous voulons remplacer le terme “or” par “understood as””. Là, stupéfaction, et commune interrogation, se moquent-ils de nous ? En plus clair, et en français, on remplace un “ou” par un “compris comme”. Le changement peut sembler important, mais réalité, dans le texte de négociations cela n’a strictement rien changé; si… on a perdu 10 minutes à cause d’une discussion de procédures entre le président de groupe de travail et le délégué.