Jai Ram Ramesh has briefly stated what the Indian Stance will revolve around for the Bangkok as well as the Copenhagen negotiations. The thrust will lie with the following three points:

  1. REDD : We want to be given benefits for conserving our forests and reforestation activities. We can successfully mitigate 11% of greenhouse gases with the help of the great carbon sinks we have across the country. Apart from that we plan to step up afforestationa nd reforestation activities. States doing well in this regard will be given added incentives.
  2. CDM: We would like the CDM to continue post 2012 since it has really done well in India. By statistics we have 31% of the CDM projects registered officially from India . Given the success we would like to expand it further in the coming years.
  3. TECH TRANSFER: We expect technology transfer and financial transfers from the annex 1 countries to aid us in shifting to a low carbon economy. Being a developing country we do not have the financial resources to put binding commitments on reduction of GHGs.

All said and done, we want to know what would happen if India and China do not take any binding commitments and the annex 1 do not commit either? What would happen if we are not able to meet the agreement in Copenhagen?
In that case, we will just have to start mitigating faster , we will protect those who are vulnerable and try and switch a low carbon economy as soon as possible. We will definitely have to push up out adaptation programmes and get ready for stronger effects of climate change yet to come.


Jai Ram Ramesh , the environmental minister is planning and structuring a new model for the working of the ministry and addressing environmental issues in the country. The revamped ministry will work on three tiers:

  1. National Environment Protection Agency

This is remodelled on the lines of the US protection agency. This is mainly looking into the clearances and grant functions by the ministry.

  1. Green Tribunal Network

This will look into all the legislative work and all cases pertaining to violations in the environmental laws. This will reduce the workload on the overworked judicial system  in India and helps to address local issues better.

  1. Ministry and International Negotiations

The ministry will preside over the functions of the above two structure heads and will take strong and work on building pressure and pushing for equity in the international negotiations.

Reflecting on the new model of working , one must compliment the ministry , but whats more important is to understand why we the common people in India don’t see any coorelation between these actions and other actions the government takes . See for instance the Budget which gave tax holiday to oil producing  companies . We hope to see more tax incentives for renewable energy companies and environmental management companies and a greater budgetary funds allocated towards the environmental ministry!

Jai Ram Ramesh

Jai Ram Ramesh

Thumbs up or thumbs down for the UK's vision for Copenhagen that Gordon Brown outlined today?

Thumbs up or thumbs down for the UK's vision for Copenhagen that Gordon Brown outlined today?

“There are very few moments in history when nations are summoned to common decisions that will reshape the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet for generations to come. When leaders have to consider not just what will deliver fairness in their generation, but fairness between the generations too.”

These were the opening words of a speech given by our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown today on the UK government’s vision for Copenhagen.

You can read the full text here-

It was a pretty important day and a pretty important speech in outlining where we, the UK, stand in the negotiations. Generally it was actually a  positive step in pushing forward the debate both within the EU and beyond, and the fact that they are using language like the above means maybe some of our calls are not falling on deaf ears.

But what exactly did Gordon Brown say? Obviously you can wade through the speech but if you don’t have the time or the inclination here is a quick summary. (watch out this is where we get a bit technical and lost in numbers!)


Youth, Rap and Plenary

Youth, Rap and Plenary

And here’s the lyrics, courtesy of Caroline Howe:

Survival’s at Stake

Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

The truth of climate change is all too clear;
We feel the climate impacts, they’re already here.
We know these climate changes will impact our health,
Threaten food security, safety and wealth.
Floods mean more drowning, and droughts more starvation
Adaptation and mitigation offer salvation.

All these massive changes making climate refugees;
No government is ready for migrations like these.
Largest emissions come from the wealthy,
But can we afford to keep the world healthy?

Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

And how about your Kyoto deal?
It didn’t solve the problems we hoped it would heal.
Can we do it in Copenhagen?
Only with true global collaboration.
When will you all wake up to the truth
Your choices today are impacting the youth.
You’re still playing games with your children’s earth
Look me in the eyes, say what my future’s worth

Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

It’s not just up to you, it’s also up to me
But I know I can be the change I want to see.

You talk about economy, trying to be thrifty
But how old will you be in the year 2050?

Ole’s (tracker) video : here

German television : here