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Yesterday’s online conversation with Canada’s Chief Negotiator, Mr Michael Martin. Read below for both the actual and the between-the-lines versions of this exchange. If you have questions you would like to ask him, email .

The questions:

  1. What was Canada aiming to achieve with the intervention made in the Finance sub-committee [yesterday]?
  2. What is the primary objective for the Canadian delegation this week?
  3. Is the Canadian delegation going to (or want to) give the chair/facilitators a mandate to revise the text?



Governments have before them (in the aforementioned LCA session) a negotiating text: a framework of what the next step after, or within, the Kyoto Protocol will be. This document is public and available for download here.

(Note: this text appears to only currently be available in English. Don’t worry though – I hear that English is becoming the universal language anyway. The United Nations is probably testing the waters for a United Language – and where better than to test it then in practice!)

The chair who is running the LCA session has also written a personal note to set the tone for the talks. (Note: Also only in English, in true United Language fashion).

You may also… Wait for it…  Watch the web-cast LIVE of the UN negotiations. (!!!)

(Warning: This may bring feelings of over-stimulation. Who needs Wii when you have Yvo de Boer?)

Bon, C'est BonI emailed Canada’s Chief Negotiator Michael Martin this morning to check in on the United Nations climate change discussions happening this week in Bonn, Germany.  He soothed my heart by responding immediately from his BlackBerry amidst the main LCA session.

(LCA stands for Long-term Cooperative Action — or, more descriptively, Leaders Can’t-get-enough Airtime — or, more solution-oriented, Lend Canada Advice — or, depending on the day, Let’s Clap for the Americans.)

We’re heading into five days of climate talks. Here’s where we left off, and where we need to go: (more…)