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When I was called for the immigration check, the officer asks me, ma’am are you seriously only 20 years old?  Are you going to attend a UNFCCC conference? They almost refused to check me in, but I had to negotiate me way through promising to let his daughter know how I got till here!

The Bangkok Conference is seemingly going to be the make or the break for the copenhagen deal , but of course people have been saying that for every conference ever since Poznan last year..

At the G 20 meeting in Pittsburgh , India’s lead negotiator reiterated the stand that India will NOT  accept any emission reduction targets in the climate change negotiations heading for a climax in Copenhagen later this year, but expressed the hope that there would be consensus on financing emission control programmes in developing countries aided by technology transfer.

New Delhi also rejected the possibility of phasing out subsidies on energy pricing saying while it was an objective it would not be implemented at the cost of poor people.

India’s position was enunciated on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh by Saran, who attended the just concluded conference in the United Nations and the Major Economies Forum last week in Washington.

Signing off from India and looking forward to some fireworks in Bangkok.


We need a crowd!

We need a crowd!

Sei più importante di quanto tu creda. Può sembrare una tipica frase di quelle conferenze per migliorare la vostra autostima, ma in realtà nel contesto dei cambiamenti climatici, in questo preciso momento nulla è più veritiero di quella frase.
Mancano circa tre mesi al COP15 di Copenhagen ed è importante ricordare che voi avete bisogno di voi; si, voi, perché se questo progetto avrà successo i maggiori beneficiari sarete proprio voi.
Qualche giorno fa ho avuto una piacevole conversazione con il nostro coordinatore Josh; dopo la telefonata, pensando su quanto discusso è aumentata la mia personale convinzione riguardo l’attitudine dei diversi soggetti nei confronti dei cambiamenti climatici.
Quale? Dunque, i diversi governi sanno benissimo che cosa sta accadendo, cosa stanno facendo e a cosa andiamo incontro; ma in realtà cosa fanno? Per ora poco e/o nulla. Basta leggere uno dei tanti post che abbiamo qui sul nostro sito per capirlo. (more…)

My generation has one mission! (Picyure with apologies to UNFCCC and thanks to Lewis from our youth delegation)

My generation has one mission! See what we did there... (Picture with apologies to UNFCCC and thanks to Lewis from our youth delegation)

So yet again it’s been a while, sorry for the lack of posts! Though I promised blogs from those in the know while I worked on my dissertation, exciting things have been happening here in the UK that have kept all my climate friends busy. From sunny days spent at climate camp, to launching the 1010 campaign with a huge bang, the climate movement in the UK has really been going full steam ahead.

But now my dissertation is in (I can hardly believe it!) and it’s back to the climate grindstone full-time for me. So let’s get down to business. What’s been going on with me and the negotiators?

Well this last weekend we had the second training weekend for our UK youth delegation. This is a team of 24 inspiring young people brought together by the UKYCC to go to Copenhagen. We planned, we strategised, we ate a bit of curry and we wrote ‘to do’ lists pages long.

But why do you need to know this?

Because before, during and beyond Copenhagen, we as young people have one mission.

A mission so eloquently put by my great friend and fellow youth delegation coordinator Kirsty….

A mission to UNF*C* the world!

(see what we did there…)

UNF*C* verb: to correct a F***ed situation; to undo a ‘botch up’ or ‘bungle’; to reverse acts of stupidity or carelessness; to tidy a mess made by others

We as young people are concerned for our future, and we don’t want to leave it in other peoples hands!


From left we’ve got Mike, then that’s a windswept me (!), Phil and Matt. We’re standing in front of Parliament House in our nation’s capital, Canberra on a freezing cold winter’s day. But, as you can see, we’re grinning through the cold!


I'd like to introduce you to some friends of mine

On Monday 31 August, the four of us road tripped it from Sydney to Canberra to meet with our government’s Ambassador for Climate Change, the lead negotiator at the UN climate talks, Louise Hand. To talk about, you guessed it, climate change! (more…)

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