Governments have before them (in the aforementioned LCA session) a negotiating text: a framework of what the next step after, or within, the Kyoto Protocol will be. This document is public and available for download here.

(Note: this text appears to only currently be available in English. Don’t worry though – I hear that English is becoming the universal language anyway. The United Nations is probably testing the waters for a United Language – and where better than to test it then in practice!)

The chair who is running the LCA session has also written a personal note to set the tone for the talks. (Note: Also only in English, in true United Language fashion).

You may also… Wait for it…  Watch the web-cast LIVE of the UN negotiations. (!!!)

(Warning: This may bring feelings of over-stimulation. Who needs Wii when you have Yvo de Boer?)


I’m not australian, but when I look at this video, I just would like to be one of these dancers. All of them really need to be known and confratualted. This movie shows how young people wants to see the change, shows how we are ready to take actions, how we want to see our world changing and of course our leaders taking actions to avoid a dangerous climate change.

Enjoy it !

On the last day of the UN climate talks more than 40 members of the international youth climate movement rapped at the close of plenary one in front of hundreds of government delegates, check out the video below, and then read my wrap of the talks (apologies on the length). Rap – wrap what a wordsmith I am! 😉

The UN climate talks in Bonn officially closed last Friday evening (12/6/09) with the bang of a hammer from the chair. It sure has been a busy two weeks, with endless meetings, interventions, press briefings, plenary sessions and yet more meetings. But what has actually been achieved? While most country delegates will tell you in the hallways that there is a “positive vibe” and “a shared desire for moving forward” I would be pulling the wool over your eyes if I said we’ve moved anywhere over the past fourteen days.

So what have the delegates been busy doing? After two weeks what we have is a negotiating text – more than two hundred pages of ideas on how to address climate change – and don’t get me wrong, it is a necessary place to start and there are some great ideas in the draft text. But, what we haven’t had over the past two weeks is any real agreement on the crucial content of the text. Instead of focusing on what we needed to accomplish together, wealthy polluting nations have focused on what they think they can get away with. Rich nations have danced around any real discussion of:

  • an aggregate emission reduction for developed (Annex 1) countries
  • a commitment to establish a finance mechanism which will generate the huge scale of money needed to support developing countries adapt to the impacts of climate change and reduce their emissions.

This game of dodge ball is not a symptom of the talks themselves, the UN negotiation process has been moving along just fine, it is a symptom of lack of political will in the capital cities in key nations around the world. World leaders are failing to take leadership and this is severely holding up not only the UN climate talks, but our also our chance to avoid runaway climate change.

So at the end of week two, where do we stand? (more…)

È in gioco la sopravvivenza, *yeah yeah* Dobbiamo agire *yeah yeah*
Fare diventare la nostra missione *yeah yeah* fermare le emissioni. *yeah yeah*

La verità dei cambiamenti climatici è fin troppo chiara;
Sentiamo gli impatti climatici, sono già qui.
Sappiamo che questi cambiamenti climatici condizioneranno la nostra salute,
minacceranno la sicurezza alimentare, la prosperità e sopravvivenza stessa.
Le innondazioni vogliono dire più annegamenti, e le siccità più fame
l’adattamento e la mitigazione offrono la salvezza.

Tutti questi imponenti cambiamenti producono rifugiati ambientali;
Nessun governo è pronto a flussi migratori di questo tipo.
Le maggiori emissioni provengono dai ricchi,
ma possiamo permetterci di mantenere il mondo in salute?

È in gioco la sopravvivenza, *yeah yeah* Dobbiamo agire *yeah yeah*
Fare diventare la nostra missione *yeah yeah* fermare le emissioni. *yeah yeah*

e riguardo al vostro accordo di Kyoto?
Non ha risolto il problema che noi speravamo risolvesse.
Possiamo farlo a Copenhagen?
Solo con vera collaborazione globale.
Quando vi sveglierete tutti di fronte alla verità (?)
le vostre scelte di oggi avranno conseguenze sui giovani.
State ancora giocando con la vita dei vostri figli
guardatemi negli occhi e ditemi quanto vale il mio futuro

È in gioco la sopravvivenza, *yeah yeah* Dobbiamo agire *yeah yeah*
Fare diventare la nostra missione *yeah yeah* fermare le emissioni. *yeah yeah*

Non dipende solo da voi, dipende anche da me
ma io so che posso essere il cambiamento che io voglio vedere.

parlate di economia, cercando di risparmiare ora
ma ditemi quanti anni avrete nel 2050?

Ole’s (tracker) video : here

German television : here

Youth, Rap and Plenary

Youth, Rap and Plenary

And here’s the lyrics, courtesy of Caroline Howe:

Survival’s at Stake

Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

The truth of climate change is all too clear;
We feel the climate impacts, they’re already here.
We know these climate changes will impact our health,
Threaten food security, safety and wealth.
Floods mean more drowning, and droughts more starvation
Adaptation and mitigation offer salvation.

All these massive changes making climate refugees;
No government is ready for migrations like these.
Largest emissions come from the wealthy,
But can we afford to keep the world healthy?

Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

And how about your Kyoto deal?
It didn’t solve the problems we hoped it would heal.
Can we do it in Copenhagen?
Only with true global collaboration.
When will you all wake up to the truth
Your choices today are impacting the youth.
You’re still playing games with your children’s earth
Look me in the eyes, say what my future’s worth

Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

It’s not just up to you, it’s also up to me
But I know I can be the change I want to see.

You talk about economy, trying to be thrifty
But how old will you be in the year 2050?

Ole’s (tracker) video : here

German television : here

Just a quick post this time – to show all of you the amazing rap that the international youth here along with a few members of our team delivered in the plenary being watched by more than 200 delegates:

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Paul WatkinsonPaul Watkinson, le n°2 de la délégation française après Brice Lalonde est une personne très accessible, toujours prête à discuter et échanger avec nous. Comme d’habitude, croisement au détour d’un couloir, puis décision prise de se voir dès qu’il aura un peu de temps à nous consacrer. La flexibilité est la première qualité du tracker !
La rencontre de ce matin, que nous savions courte avant qu’elle ne commence, allait et devait être riche d’informations. Comme vous avez pu le lire dans nos écrits précédents, l’actualité en ce moment est pleine de rebondissements, EcoFin mardi, intervention japonaise hier en plénière, propositions suisse de taxe internationale sur le CO2 et le possible raccord entre deux « Ad Hoc Working Group » (groupe de travail). Comme nous n’avions que peu de temps, il nous fallait aller à l’essentiel, les questions devaient donc être directes et sans détour. (more…)

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