Jai Ram Ramesh has briefly stated what the Indian Stance will revolve around for the Bangkok as well as the Copenhagen negotiations. The thrust will lie with the following three points:

  1. REDD : We want to be given benefits for conserving our forests and reforestation activities. We can successfully mitigate 11% of greenhouse gases with the help of the great carbon sinks we have across the country. Apart from that we plan to step up afforestationa nd reforestation activities. States doing well in this regard will be given added incentives.
  2. CDM: We would like the CDM to continue post 2012 since it has really done well in India. By statistics we have 31% of the CDM projects registered officially from India . Given the success we would like to expand it further in the coming years.
  3. TECH TRANSFER: We expect technology transfer and financial transfers from the annex 1 countries to aid us in shifting to a low carbon economy. Being a developing country we do not have the financial resources to put binding commitments on reduction of GHGs.

All said and done, we want to know what would happen if India and China do not take any binding commitments and the annex 1 do not commit either? What would happen if we are not able to meet the agreement in Copenhagen?
In that case, we will just have to start mitigating faster , we will protect those who are vulnerable and try and switch a low carbon economy as soon as possible. We will definitely have to push up out adaptation programmes and get ready for stronger effects of climate change yet to come.


As the climate talks are revisited at Bonn, we are keeping our eyes and years open to catch all the activity at the conference despite not being able to make it physically there. From Birds- eye view we will be reporting to you any upcomings springing up on this brief intercessional in Bonn.

On contacting the delegation  these are the basic key thrusts for Bonn 3 in particular

1. India has called for recognizing forest conservation and forestation under the Reduced Deforestation in Developing Countries (REDD) Scheme, adequate and flexible financing of climate projects in the Third World and viable technology transfer without tags.

“We are going to insist on these three pillars of negotiations at Bonn,” the Union minister of state for environment and forests, Jairam Ramesh said. He added : “We are not defensive in our approach on emission problem nor are we obstructionist. We are assertive and hope the Bonn Conference would ultimately pave the way for an agreement at Copenhagen meet.” (more…)