Tracker:Anna Collins

Country: United Kingdom

Born and bred in Warrington in the *sunny* North of England, I was brought up by parents with a deep sense of justice and taught to always fight for what I believe is right. I guess you could say it was in the blood, my gran went to Greenham Common in the 80s.

Six months spent in Australia doing conservation work compounded my love of the environment and made me appreciate how fragile our world is. After a few years spent in Newcastle, studying, working and campaigning with
Oxfam I made the move to London to study for an MA in Environment and Development.

I also currently intern with The Green Belt Movement and I am part of the UK Youth Climate Coalition. I am helping bring together our youth delegation to Copenhagen, as well as trying to ensure the youth climate movement in the UK is as diverse as humanly possible.

I’m taking part in the Adopt-a-Negotiator project because politics is a two way process and I believe we all have a right to know, understand, and have a say, about what’s being negotiated in our name. The fate of our planet, and us all, shouldn’t be decided in secret behind closed doors.