Cara BevingtonTracker: Cara Bevington

Country: Australia

I grew up in the spectacular Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, but now fulfil the great Australian stereotype of calling Bondi beach home.

For the past two years I’ve worked as a campaigner for Oxfam Australia, and I absolutely love it! I’ve worked on an international Make Trade Fair campaign, a domestic campaign, Close The Gap, lobbying for health equality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and now most of my time is dedicated to campaigning for climate justice.

Coming from the land down under I think I can safely say that I am travelling the furthest out of the adopt-a-negotiator team to make my way to Bonn, Germany. It’s also going to be a significant journey in another sense. I’ve never been to one of these international meetings before. I’m neither a scientist nor a policy maker. But I know, without a doubt, that climate change is the defining challenge of our time and as global citizens we have both the power and responsibility to do something about it. Climate change is already having devastating impacts on our physical environment as well as the communities who inhabit it.

What do I hope to achieve being a part of the adopt-a-negotiator team in Bonn? A crisis as deep and threatening as climate change presents us all with choices and opportunities. We can cross our fingers, leave it to others, and hope it will all work out for the best. Or we can be active agents in our social, economic and environmental world, prepared to act, together, for the common good.

I’ll be tracking the Climate Negotiations from an Australian perspective on the site as well as