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Eri Aoki

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I live in Tokyo, Japan. I’m a first year master’s degree student at the University of Tokyo. My major is urban environmental engineering.

Now I am interested in how people raise the environmental awareness and do environmental behaviour. I want to know this mechanism and to encourage them to do effectively for sustainable society.

I am a member of Japan Youth Ecology league (international team) and was a president of one of the leading student environment organization at the University of Tokyo. I’ve did many kinds of environmental activity, for example, Environmental campaign and Solid waste management in campus and school festival, Fallen leaves composting, Environmental Education, Youth Conference and so on.

Now, I want to broaden and strengthen our networks and promote the awareness of Japanese people for solving local and environmental issues. In terms of international negotiating of Climate Change, there isn’t enough information for citizens in Japan. So we youth have to disseminate information and enlighten people actively, in cooperation with various NGOs and organizations.

That is why, this project is an opportunity I can’t miss and I must take part in it. Thank you!!




ちなみに、日本語のみで特に日本に焦点をあてた基本的なことをClimate Change and International Negotiation  に更新しています。こちらもあわせてお読みください♪