Florent Baarsch

Florent Baarsch

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Country: France

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been interested in ecology and sustainability. My family taught me very early our planet is fragile and we had to preserve it and I’ve always been a bit involved in environment or social protection organisations in France.

In 2007, I spent a month in Mali (Africa) as a volunteer for a humanitarian NGO and this is when I discovered the real consequences of global warming and desertification in this country and across  Africa. After this experience, I decided to be  more active and involved in environmental organisations.

I have worked with UNESCO’s  Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) project and with the academic institutions and ministers (ecology and higher education) in France , to apply a real sustainable development in the French Campuses.

In 2008,   my organisation, the French Student Network for Sustainable Development, we wrotea review for the UNESCO and the UN Decade for ESD. I also  became invovled with the   Young Friends of the Earth Europe, and joined with them at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (CoP14), in Poznan, where the French delegation reported on the event at  generationclimat.fr, (in French). It was a great experience to raise public awareness. And I really want to carry on this action of mobilization in France with the young people and the entire population.

Citizens are the solution to solve  the climate crisis.