Ole Seidenberg

Ole Seidenberg

Tracker: Ole Seidenberg
Country: Germany

Ole Seidenberg is a 25-year old sociology graduate and blogger from Hamburg, Germany. Having worked as an intern for both the United Nations General Assembly in New York and a development NGO in Sierra Leone, Ole has
witnessed both diplomatic meetings and their failure to achieve clearly visible and effective decisions.

Just recently, Ole started to spread the word about social issues via Social Media. Since January ’09, Ole tells the story of a homeless guy on his blog socialblogger.de while asking people to help this man via micro-giving opportunities. Ole believes in the power of Social Media and its capability to put pressure on all relevant decision-makers and has therefore also been one of the G20-Voice-Bloggers earlier this year.

Ole will track the Climate Negotiations from a German perspective on his blog www.climateblogger.org as well as adoptanegotiator.org